Ultra Health Pharmaceutical Company


Ultra Health Pharm has always been a group-owned and operated pharmacy, established in the New Canaan community for generations. We treat our customers like our family and take the time to get to know you and your needs and offer advice and assistance face-to-face.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and knowledgeable team who believe in providing the very best in pharmacy care for the whole community. We are the longest standing independent pharmacy located in the Town of New Canaan, and are proud to serve the needs of our town with fine cosmetics as well as prescriptions and medical needs.

We have qualified and experienced pharmacists and employees at New Canaan Pharmacy to look after all your health and beauty needs. Come join our pharmacy family today!

The scientific rigor behind the quality standards trusted by manufacturers and regulators around the globe – now available through Ultra Health’s R&D Analytical Solutions  

New manufacturing technologies and increasingly complex drug formulations pose challenges for manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to bring products to market.  

Ultra Health’s analytical method development and qualification services support in-lab analytical and process development for pharmaceutical R&D. We provide flexible, tailored solutions to help develop and validate* analytical methods, procedures for characterizing drugs and related materials including analytical standards, and methods and processes to identify and control potential impurities.

Method development and validation* and

material characterization services include:

• Identification

• Assays, including stability indicating tests

• Process impurities, residual solvents, potential, mutagenic impurities, and unknowns

• Cleaning validation

• Purity analysis

• Structural characterization

• Material isolation and identification

* Non-GMP, Non-GLP